Friend Anthony Benezet

A Quick Guide to Materials (last updated, Feb. 2010)
Arranged somewhat in order of importance

Benezet Teaching (detail from PBS, Houghton)
Benezet Teaching

Benezet on the web


Anthony Benezet: True Champion of the Slave [pdf 1.34 Mb]

Some Historical Account of Guinea, Its Situation, Produce, and the General Disposition of Its Inhabitants. An Inquiry into the Rise and Progress of the Slave Trade, Its Nature and Lamentable Effects

Haverford College Papers of Anthony Benezet

Cornell University Samuel J. May Anti-Slavery Collection Author Index "B"

Page by page images of the following pamphlets:

Thoughts on the Nature of War: A Thanksgiving Sermon (1759) [pdf 107 Kb]

Maurice Jackson: The Social and Intellectual Origins of Anthony Benezet's Antislavery Radicalism [pdf 1.7 Mb]

Woodson's Bio of Benezet

Woodson: The Education Of The Negro Prior To 1861, Chapter 3, Education as a Right of Man

DuBois: Philadelphia Negro, Chapter 8

American Abolitionism website project

African American Church History Timeline

Three dates mention Benezet, beginning with:

Lydia Maria Child: An Appeal in Favor of That Class of Americans Called Africans, Chapter 8, PREJUDICES AGAINST PEOPLE OF COLOR, AND OUR DUTIES IN RELATION TO THIS SUBJECT

Vaux Family Papers

James Forten Bio

Signature from letter to Dillwyn
Signature from 1783 letter to Dillwyn (Haverford)

Benezet in Print

Irv A. Brendlinger's edition of Benezet's antislavery writings: To be Silent would be Criminal (Lanham: Scarecrow, 2006)

Life of Anthony Benezet by Anthony Benezet (Author), William Armistead (Editor), Legacy Reprint Series. Kessinger, 2007.

Views of American Slavery: Taken a Century Ago.

Some Historical Account Of Guinea: Its Situation, Produce And The General Disposition Of Its Inhabitants.

A Caution to Great Britain and her colonies: in a short representation of the calamitous state of the enslaved Negroes in the British dominions. Cornell University Library Digital Collections.

A Short account of that part of Africa . . .

Benezet Out of Print

George S. Brookes. Friend Anthony Benezet. Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press, 1937. Published in partnership with Oxford University Press. Scarce / Rare.

Roberts Vaux. Memoirs of the Life of Anthony Benezet. Philadelphia: James P. Parke (Merritt, Printer), 1817. 136 pages with un-numbered "List of Authorities."

Notable Discussions

Peter Silver: Our Savage Neighbors (Google Books)

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